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N++ PS4 Review

Posted by on Aug 5, 2015 in Gaming |

Metanet’s N++ is sequel to famous platformer, this time bringing to Playstation 4 one of the best plat former games ever made. This time it is not a catch in fancy graphics or visual effects, it is just pure gameplay that matters and you can check it by free psn codes no survey 2015.

N++ is minimalistic game stripped to core of pure gameplay that offer a much more then previous versions of the game, It is far better game than original game, bringing a lot of new, improved changes in the game. N++ brings a lot, I mean a lot of new levels with improved physics and interactive environment. Controls are fine tuned to be sensitive to simple touch and give right feeling of ultimate freedom for your character. In many aspects game is improved, it is bigger and it is better game then original.
Basically, N++ is simple run and jump game, but it is much more than just a jump and run.

You control a small agile stickman and the object of each level is to evade projectiles and obstacles and find exit. So, it is very simple setting, but practical implementation will require a lot of skill and patience. N++ is a game of infinite lives, but once again your skills will be checked again and again in the game. Formula of success is be fast, be agile and you will survive. You will develop ninja like acrobatic skills and you will feel fantastic while applying extraordinary jumps. You will have to be precise and completely control your movements if you want to be successful in this game. Developers gave full control upon character movements into player’s hands, that is sometimes a blade with two edges, and you must become very proficient in using it. You will encounter small gaps filled with explosives, strange projectiles and surprising spinning traps. If you are competitive player you can choose to collect all coins on the stage and get better score at the end.

N++ is a simple game, but is addictive game. It is all about becoming proficient in gameplay until you master complete control upon tiny ninja stickman. It is so addictive game, that you will spend hours and hours playing it, just to realize that you want to play a little more. When you master solo levels, you can play competitive levels with other players. N++ is definitely a great game that is worth of your time and effort. Highly recommended.

How to get a ton of Likes on Instagram

Posted by on Aug 3, 2015 in Instagram Tips |

How to get more followers on Instagram? That is a good question! If you want to be noticed on Instagram you should follow some basic rules that will help you to connect with other social networks and place your images on the regularly, place interesting tags and interact with your users. If you can ensure to gain more followers you will instantly get more likes on Instagram. We will give you very good tips that will help you to generate more likes and get more followers on Instagram.


In our list the most important item is hashtag! You may be surprised why we placed hashtag on the first place, but we think that it is extremely important aspect of successful branding on Instagram. You can take a very good photo, but if your users cannot find a photo, it is almost useless. So, try to understand how tagging on Instagram really looks and apply good advice. For example, you can tag your images based on different criteria. They can be sorted according to style, subjects or post processing or they can be tagged with the apps that you used. Very popular way of tagging is placing location tag, for example #Paris, #London and so on. Give yourself a little freedom and play with tags, be creative and try to figure out something interesting.
Our next advice is connected with social networks and community activities that are very popular among the uses.

You can find a lot of activities on Instagram that have a lot of followers but at the beginning they started like community activities. There are many online communities that you can connect with and post your images on Instagram. Remember that Instagram, just like any other social network is all about activity, engagement and community. In some sense you must give if you want to receive. In other words if you interact with other persons, comment on their photos and give likes, you will also receive positive feedback, comments and likes.

So, try to be very active and create personal network of your followers, but also create the personal network of persons that you are following. Try to establish long lasting relationships with other users and above all be honest and realistic in your comments. If you invest some time and energy in social interaction, you will receive much more likes that you can even imagine.
Remember that Instagram is social network, so try to apply known strategies in your daily interaction like regular posting, commenting and discussing other people’s work.

Don’t pop those Balloons!

Posted by on May 18, 2015 in Gaming |

One of the most effective air units in Clash of Clans are balloons! They are fun, they are flying, so who doesn’t want to play with them? Early in the game you can use balloons to take down air defense. Later on with additional upgrades and spells they can become one of the strongest units in the game. We will share few important strategies and tricks like best clash of clans hack that can push you even to the top of Champion and Master’s leagues!

You will need to build you Barracks to level 6 to start to produce your balloons! They have extremely long time of production of 8 min. and you will need five supply units to produce one balloon. They are extremely slow unit, with moment speed of 10 tiles. There preferred target are defenses and they can target only ground units. They move very slowly, but with upgrades they gain additional health that improves their durability. The greatest danger for balloons are, of course, Air Defense Towers that can deal lethal damage to the balloons. The best strategy is to group your balloons and attack Air Defense and Wizard Towers first. You can use balloons for farming, but high cost and long production time of this unit will limit your endeavors. You can join balloons and minions, that should be effective, but it is very expensive and time consuming strategy.

They are not so useful in the range from Town Hall level 4 to level 8 and you should consider not to use them in this period. At early levels they are very weak and if you want to make strong army you should consider to create combined army of Giants, healers and balloons. With upgrades at Town level 9 they gain additional strength and 50% damage increase. This is the moment when you should consider to use them again. In this situation you can use them together with minions to create really efficient farming army. Some players also adds 25 to 30 archers.

If you use minions instead of archers that would increase production time, but you will gain additional strength. The strategy is to go with balloons to clear out any defensive structures, then deploy your minions and archers. You can use spells as simple, specifically lighting spell, healing spell and rage spell, depending upon situation. For example, rage spell can be used to destroy defense structures. They are also great units for Clan Castle because they have high health and damage at higher levels.

Traps secrets in Clash Of Clans

Posted by on Apr 17, 2015 in Gaming |

There are many important things in Clash Of Clans that you need to learn in order to become a good, solid player. 10 such essential things are traps. Traps are, indeed, very important aspect of Clash Of Clans gameplay. They will allow you to think more on strategic level, to organize your defense on a high-level and to fortify your base. You can use clash of clans cheats to fortify your base faster and upgrade your traps.

There are several types of traps in Clash Of Clans. They many advantages such as surprise effect on your enemy, possibility to neutralize certain units, additional defense to your vital buildings, but one of the most important features of traps is the fact that they are really inexpensive. You will be able to upgrade traps but your builders, but they attention because ones you build a trap it will not be able to sell it. Another important thing regarding upgrades is the fact that a trap will still work while it is on the upgrade process. Even the traps are inexpensive, they need a certain amount of gold in order to function in battle. So, the equation is the more traps you have and the more traps are upgraded you will need equivalent amount of gold.Basically it comes to the same, traps are inexpensive, but they are spending gold. Do not forget that you can rearm all your traps with just one single button.Let this a brightly discuss about to different kind of traps in Clash Of Clans.


The first one is the bomb, that explodes as just any bomb you may imagine. When unit walks over it a bomb, well, explodes! Boom! The bomb inflict splash damage that is very lethal for huge groups of enemy units. A single bomb does not have enough power, so the best strategy is to create huge clusters of bombs and destroy large groups of barbarians and similar units. Spring traps do not deal any damage but if enemy unit walks over trap it will be thrown out of the battle which resulting in instant death. Very useful!

Pay attention that spring trap can bounce total of 15 troops! Not forget to use a big brother of normal bomb, the giant bomb! It is huge and very powerful! Giant bomb can take out large groups of barbarians or archers. Certain traps are very useful for stopping aerial attacks and we are talking about air bombs. They have high blast radius invokes extremely well against minions or dragons.

Clash of Clans personal guide

Posted by on Apr 14, 2015 in Gaming |

Welcome to the Clash of Clans personal guide, a guide that is a little bit different than usual guides that you are accustomed to read all over the net. Usually, bloggers assume that you are experienced player, this time we will discuss about some basic things within the game that are necessary for successful playing. The aim of this shot guide is to help less experienced players in making their first steps into exciting world of Clash of Clans.

The Clash of Clans starts whit short tutorial, and you will be given a certain amount of gems during tutorial. You do not have to spend those gems, it is recommended for you to say your precious gems for later, when they will be much more useful. At the beginning of the game you will have a three-day shield that is very helpful, it will provide invulnerability and prevent other players to attack you. At this time the most essential and important thing is to build your defenses and to build your resource buildings to highest possible level within those three days.You can boost your resources a little via clash of clans triche 2015, because each Gem is valuable at early stages of the game.  They are different opinions what you should upgrade first. In our experience the first thing you need to upgrade is gold mine and elixir collector. Upgrade them to highest possible level. You should aim to upgrade them to a level 4, if it is possible. Why you should upgrade gold mine and elixir collector first? The answer is very obvious, those structures will give you enough resources for the beginning of your game.


At this point you should not worry too much about your units, because Army upgrades will not protect you at this early stage of the game. You will upgrade Army camp later on when you start with attacks. Keep your Town Hall at level 2, you will not be able to upgrade to level 3 for first three days. From the tutorial you will have a cannon, which is useful, but not enough. Concentrate on building walls, place them around your buildings, and make sure to surround your Town Hall and storage from all sides.


Less important buildings may be placed on the margins, just slow down enemy units. After you secured base with strong defense you can concentrate on upgrading your Town Hall to level 4. Upgrade Archer Towers and Cannons to highest possible level and you will have a solid defense for a start of the game.

How to earn a million coins in Fifa 15

Posted by on Mar 30, 2015 in Gaming |

Fifa 15 is all about getting good team and obtaining a solid amount of coins that will help you to create a perfect squad. They are many ways how you can obtain coins in Fifa 15 and we are presenting you special strategy known as a Million coins strategy.If you do not have patience for that system you can use FIFA 15 Coins and Points Generator as u quick solution.

Follow our guide step-by-step and very soon you will Top players in your team. This method is far the best to get a huge amount of coins and this works very efficiently on mobile devices. You will need a gold player which is in a high demand. If you do not possess such a player try to obtain it by any means. To start with this method you will need about 1500 coins available and you will also need to have concentration and fast reflexes.If you managed to have or what we required at the beginning to may start with actual strategy. First, s search for a high demand player in the entire market. You will need to invest a little time and patience in order to find such player. When you find a player in high demand check lowest buy now price and put your maximum by now price to the lowest price for that player. After that start to search and if you find a cheap one buy it immediately. Let us give a simple example. If you have for example 10,000 coins you may buy certain player in demand.

Like Schurrle. Suppose he is lowest price is 4000 and you put the maximum by now price to 3700 and then go back and search again. Repeat the search process for about 10 times and you will find a Schurrle for about 3100! Then you must react very quickly, buy it and sell it for a higher price. Also pay attention that the market will take 5% of the price. That is the reason why reports a lower price in order to get some profit. If you have more coins you can search invest in players like Silva, Sanchez,Senzema or Marcelo. Repeat the process, place your prices, search, buy cheap players, sell them at higher prices, and repeat. The profits that you will make will rise if you are doing this process with higher valued players.

If you have a little persistence and determination you will very soon have enough coins to buy the most expensive players such as Ronaldo or Messi.